Chairman Message

It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you to M.S. Al-Meshri & Bros. Co. website, I am pleased that you have taken the time to visit our website which takes you through the broad range of services we serve.

Al Meshri Bro.Co. Group, an Saudi Arabia based Automotive spare parts Company for German, European, Japanese and Korean model vehicles, Specialized in Retail sales. We are over 60 years of experience in sales for supply Genuine Parts

We can cater Genuine Parts at Competitive Price and able to supply complete range of Brake Pads, Lubricants, Filters Mechanical and Body Parts.

We have developed a reputation for quality products and competitive pricing. Delivering quality spare parts of leading German, European, Japanese and Korean car brands, we provide you the comfort with an exemplary customer service.

Today the M.S. Al Meshri Bros. Co. Company has come a long way since its birth 60 years ago, achieving gradual growth and success along the way. As Group Chairman I’m focused on continuing the legacy and to build on our heritage with the underlying ethos of Commitment, Care and Vision.

The Commitment of our partners who continue to believe in and support us in our long and adventurous journey towards achieving success and excellence.

The Care towards the pillars of our organization, the employee our colleagues who carry out their responsibilities with utmost pride and dedication. Finally the vision in adopting long-term corporate goals in the desire to achieve sustainable exponential and dynamic growth for the entire group.

With these 3 core principles imbued in our corporate culture, the M.S. Al Meshri Bros. Co. Company is confident in delivering on its promise for the next 60 years.

Onwards and upwards

Surely, there are upcoming challenges, but we are quite confident and optimistic about the positive future of M.S. Al Meshri Bros. Co. as a national organization that will continue to work for the prosperity of our nation.

Welcome to our website, welcome to M.S. Al Meshri Bros. Co.

Naif Al Meshri

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